Michelle currently offers flute classes, piano classes and pennywhistle classes at                                          her cozy home studio in North Delta.
Lessons are geared towards beginners or intermediate players, of all ages.

--> Visit my Youtube channel for a virtual tour of the studio! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=073YGl1PlHY

Michelle has successfully completed Royal Conservatory levels ~

Flute Level X Piano Level VIII Theory Rudiments II

Her teachers include Margaret Burton, Principal Flute of the Okanagan Symphony, and Paul M. Douglas, former Flute Professor of UBC (private instruction). Michelle's piano and music theory teacher was Graham Welch, in Kelowna, BC. Michelle attended Courtney Youth Music School and OSSA (Okanagan Summer School of the Arts)

Students are encouraged to bring in music they want to learn to play, and are also encouraged to learn to write music themselves.  Students perform in recitals once or twice a year; an informal gathering where they can share with family and friends all their successes. Treats like tea and biscuits usually abound to soften the blow of having to stand up in front of peers and family and perform!

Every student’s lesson plan is tailored especially for them and what they particularly desire to learn; whether it be to take RCM exams, or to build on the school band program, or just to learn for the pleasure of it.

Michelle believes in introducing her students to a very wide range of styles and genres of music for a well-rounded result - from classical to world to jazz to Celtic, and more.   All students learn a blended mix of styles and musical theory, wrapped up in a 30, 45 or 60 minute lesson of fun and laughter.  Learning music and practicing the instrument are looked forward to.  There is great enthusiasm when seeing the improving results each week, as students progress on their own and learn to enjoy music in all its many forms - which is as rewarding to the teacher as to the student!

For those students wishing to pursue RCM (Royal Conservatory) and take exams, Michelle is a registered teacher with the RCM in Toronto. Benefits to taking exams are gaining a wonderful level of accomplishment, one which can never be taken away, and at certain grade levels, exams also come with high school credits.  However, RCM is not 'forced' on anybody. Lesson material is made of a variety of different musical styles and genres, music theory, and above all, listening skills and creativity are most encouraged.

Michelle teaches the flute and irish whistle, also known as a tin whistle or pennywhistle. (Flutes are available from any local music store and are usually the least expensive instrument to rent!)

Learn piano ~ Michelle also teaches piano to beginning level enthusiasts .. kids of all ages!

Lesson Fees:  Fees are based on length of lesson and location of lesson. $35/half hour and $50/for forty-five minutes in Michelle’s home studio. Length of lesson will depend on a student’s level and requirements and will be determined between the student and teacher.

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Group flute lessons as well as her specially-created flute ensemble “Fluterrific” are under her direction and just like private lessons, are aimed at people seeking to explore the fun of playing the flute.

Similar to private lessons, students will learn the basics and enjoy playing the flute while gaining experience and technique.  In this format, groups of 2-5 students would participate in the same lesson and work on the same music at the same pace.  This can be particularly fun if the group is flute players from the same band class, or the same family, or the same neighbourhood, for example.  Group size would depend on the level of the players in the group.  Rates for group lessons would be $20 per person per half an hour.  Lessons may be 1/2 hour or one hour, at the discretion of the teacher and the participants.




If you have had a year or more of the flute, and are interested in playing with others in a small group situation with flutes only we have a session once a week featuring a wide range of material including Celtic  ~  Jazz  ~  Classical  ~ Latin ~ Broadway ~ Pop and lots more.


Our goal is to have fun!

Fluterrific was created with the intent to have flute players joining together to practice and perform a variety of musical styles, some composed and arranged specially for the group by Michelle.  The idea of keeping it entirely to flutes means there is less waiting for another group of instruments to learn their part while the flutes sit patiently for their turn!

Flutes together create a magical sound, the sound waves practically visible in the air around them.  Everyone participating is encouraged to take turns with the lead parts, and in this way no single person is left with more work than another, but instead a fun sharing with great results.  Participants are of different levels but are given parts they can play; sometimes challenging them to raise their skills to the next level but always attainable.

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